An unofficial client for the unsplash api.

The client is platform independent, since it uses http to make requests.

This is a work in progress:

  • Get the user’s profile

  • Update the current user’s profile

  • x Get a user’s public profile

  • x Get a user’s portfolio link

  • x List a user’s photos

  • x List a user’s liked photos

  • x List a user’s collections

  • x Get a user’s statistics

  • x List photos

  • x Get a photo

  • x Get random photos

  • x Get a photo’s statistics

  • x Track a photo download

  • Update a photo

  • Like a photo

  • Unlike a photo

  • x Search photos

  • x Search collections

  • x Search users

  • x List collections

  • x List featured collections

  • x Get a collection

  • x Get a collection’s photos

  • x List a collection’s related collections

  • Create a new collection

  • Update an existing collection

  • Delete a collection

  • Add a photo to a collection

  • Remove a photo from a collection

  • x

  • x Stats.month


See examples tab.