Universal Disk Space

A dart package which parses total and available disk spaces on Windows and Linux-based systems.


Add universal_disk_space as a dependency to your project's pubspec.yaml file


import 'package:universal_disk_space/universal_disk_space.dart';

main () {
  //Initializes the diskspace class
  //Gets info about disks which are mounted
  DiskSpace diskspace = new DiskSpace();

  //List of disks in the system
  List<Disk> disks = diskspace.disks;

  //Prints device path, mount path, total size,  about each disk in system
  for (Disk disk in disks)
      print(disk.devicePath); // e.g.: 'C:\' in Windows or '/dev/sdc' in Linux
      print(disk.mountPath); // e.g.: 'C:\' or '\\nasdrive' in Windows or '/' in Linux
      print(disk.totalSize.toString()); // in bytes
      print(disk.usedSpace.toString()); // in bytes
      print(disk.availableSpace.toString()); // in bytes
  //Selects disk form diskspace.disks which contains '/home' folder
  //Also works with files
  Disk homedisk = diskspace.getDisk('/home');
  print(homedisk); //prints serialized version of Disk which contains '/home'