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Unity Ads plugin for Flutter Applications. This plugin is able to display Unity Banner Ads and Unity Video Ads.

If you want to try Unity Mediation (Beta) use Unity Mediation plugin instead of this one.

Getting Started

1. Initialization:

  gameId: 'PROJECT_GAME_ID',
  onComplete: () => print('Initialization Complete'),
  onFailed: (error, message) => print('Initialization Failed: $error $message'),

Set your Game ID. For testing purposes set testMode to true.

Android only: To change ads behavior in Firebase Test Lab use firebaseTestLabMode parameter. Possible values:

disableAdsAds are not displayed in the Firebase Test Lab (by default)
showAdsInTestModeAds are displayed in test mode.
showAdsReal ads are displayed, if testMode is false.

2. Show Rewarded/Interstitial Video Ad:

Rewarded Video Ad Interstitial Video Ad

Load a video ad before show it.

  placementId: 'PLACEMENT_ID',
  onComplete: (placementId) => print('Load Complete $placementId'),
  onFailed: (placementId, error, message) => print('Load Failed $placementId: $error $message'),

Show a loaded ad.

  placementId: 'PLACEMENT_ID',
  onStart: (placementId) => print('Video Ad $placementId started'),
  onClick: (placementId) => print('Video Ad $placementId click'),
  onSkipped: (placementId) => print('Video Ad $placementId skipped'),
  onComplete: (placementId) => print('Video Ad $placementId completed'),
  onFailed: (placementId, error, message) => print('Video Ad $placementId failed: $error $message'),

Server-to-server redeem callbacks

UnityAds.showVideoAd has serverId parameter.

To use server-to-server callbacks, you need to set this parameter.

Read more on docs.unity.com.

3. Show Banner Ad:

Banner Ad

Place UnityBannerAd widget in your app.

  placementId: 'PLACEMENT_ID',
  onLoad: (placementId) => print('Banner loaded: $placementId'),
  onClick: (placementId) => print('Banner clicked: $placementId'),
  onFailed: (placementId, error, message) => print('Banner Ad $placementId failed: $error $message'),

Privacy consent

Read more about privacy consent in Unity Ads documentation.

Use the following code to pass the appropriate consent flags to the Unity Ads SDK:

UnityAds.setPrivacyConsent(<Privacy Consent type>, true)


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