lookupFilteringRules abstract method

Future<TwitterResponse<List<FilteringRuleData>, FilteringRuleMeta>> lookupFilteringRules({
  1. List<String>? ruleIds,

Returns either a single rule, or a list of rules that have been added to the stream.

If you would like to initiate the stream to receive all Tweets that match these rules in real-time, you will need to use the connectFilteredStream endpoint.


  • ruleIds: The list of unique rule IDs. If omitted, all rules are returned.

Endpoint Url

Authentication Methods

  • OAuth 2.0 App-only

Rate Limits

  • App rate limit (OAuth 2.0 App Access Token): 450 requests per 15-minute window shared among all users of your app



Future<TwitterResponse<List<FilteringRuleData>, FilteringRuleMeta>>
    lookupFilteringRules({List<String>? ruleIds});