createJob abstract method

Future<TwitterResponse<BatchComplianceData, void>> createJob({
  1. required JobType jobType,
  2. String? jobName,
  3. bool? resumable,

Creates a new compliance job for Tweet IDs or user IDs.

A compliance job will contain an ID and a destination URL. The destination URL represents the location that contains the list of IDs consumed by your App.

You can run one batch job at a time.


  • jobType: Specify whether you will be uploading tweet or user IDs. You can either specify tweets or users.

  • jobName: A name for this job, useful to identify multiple jobs using a label you define.

  • resumable: Specifies whether to enable the upload URL with support for resumable uploads. If true, this endpoint will return a pre-signed URL with resumable uploads enabled.

Endpoint Url

Authentication Methods

  • OAuth 2.0 App-only

Rate Limits

  • App rate limit (OAuth 2.0 App Access Token): 150 requests per 15-minute window shared among all users of your app



Future<TwitterResponse<BatchComplianceData, void>> createJob(
    {required JobType jobType, String? jobName, bool? resumable});