Twilio Flutter

A Flutter package for both android and iOS which helps developers with Twilio API services.


  • Send SMS programmatically;
  • Get all SMS related to a Twilio account;
  • Get more info on each SMS sent from a Twilio account;
  • Send WhatsApp messages programmatically;

Getting Started

Check out our comprehensive Example provided with this plugin.

To use this package :

  • add the dependency to your pubspec.yaml file.
    sdk: flutter
  twilio_flutter: ^0.0.9

How to use

Create a new Object

TwilioFlutter twilioFlutter; 

Initialize with values

twilioFlutter = TwilioFlutter(
    accountSid : '*************************', // replace *** with Account SID
    authToken : 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',  // replace xxx with Auth Token
    twilioNumber : '+...............'  // replace .... with Twilio Number

Send SMS

   toNumber : '+................', 
   messageBody : 'hello world'); 
   //Use sendSMS with the recipient number and message body.

View SMS List

SentSmsData data= await twilioFlutter.getSmsList({String pageSize}); //Returns list of SMS , pageSize defaults to 20

View Single SMS

Message data= await twilioFlutter.getSMS(String messageSID); //Use message sid from the individual messages.

Change Twilio Number

twilioFlutter.changeTwilioNumber('+.........'); // To change the twilio number
Send WhatsApp Message (Experimental)
twilioFlutter.sendWhatsApp(toNumber : '+................',
 messageBody : 'hello world');

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • MacOs
  • Windows
  • Linux

Useful articles


Please file any issues, bugs or feature requests as an issue on our GitHub page. Commercial support is available, you can contact us at

Want to contribute

If you would like to contribute to the plugin (e.g. by improving the documentation, solving a bug or adding a cool new feature), please carefully review our contribution guide and send us your pull request.


This Twilio Flutter plugin for Flutter is developed by Adarsh Balachandran.