A Flutter plugin for interact with the touch bar of supported models of MacBook Pro, providing dynamic contextual controls.


Why this is a federated plugin?

Although the TouchBar is a hardware that exists solely in some versions of the MacBook Pro, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.

Besides, in the nearish future, the browsers can add a public API to allow web pages interaction with the TouchBar. Actually, there is an issue that requests a TouchBar Web API in the WebKit.


Planned Releases

Alpha version

  • X TouchBarLabel
  • x TouchBarButton
  • X TouchBarPopover
  • X TouchBarScrubber
  • X TouchBarSpace: a blank space.

Beta version

Estimated release on Q4 2020

  • TouchBarSlider
  • TouchBarGroup
  • TouchBarSegmentedControl
  • TouchBarColorPicker

Stable version

Estimated release on Q1 2021

  • Widget support