Identify TOR users and make you application ready for anonymous users.

Agreement and disclaimer

This plugin is meant to provide additional features to TOR users, not to ban them from content.

You may not use this package in any way to prevent people from using your application, restricting features or any other regression.

As TOR browser in general tries to be undetectable, there is no guarantee that the present tests still work in far future. Feel free to report issues about deprecated tests used in this package.


  • overall TOR check
  • user agent test
  • navigator.plugins test
  • window and viewport size test
  • timezone offset test


The TorBrowserDetector exposes some tests as well as a general getter to perform all tests.

Future<void> main() async {
  final isTor = await TorBrowserDetector.isTorBrowser;


All code should be properly formatted and the linter should not complain about anything:

dart format lib test example
dart run import_sorter:main --no-comments
dart analyze

All code should have basic tests. In order to have access to the dart:html library, ensure you pass -pfirefox to the dart test command:

dart test -pfirefox # -pfirefox could be left out because of `dart_test.yaml`

Additional information

Apart from the restriction above, this package is licensed under the terms and conditions of the EUPL-1.2 as stated in LICENSE.


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