Welcome to the top alert notification widget

Flutter snackbars and toast widgets only show at the bottom of the main application out of the box. This is a customizable framework to allow a top alert to show when needed, as well as being able to dismiss the alert as required.


  • Custom onTap VoidCallback to allow for the overlay to exicute funcontality
  • Swipe up to dismiss
  • Optional closeOnX icon to show in the right side to dismiss
  • Custom color background for view
  • Supports taking a widget as the child

Future plans

  • Expand the view to be flexible height
  • Allow more dynamic widgets to be child of the overlay
  • Work through any navigation issues to auto remove the overlay

Getting Started

  1. Add top_alert_notification: 0.0.1 to the pubspec.yaml file
  2. Run flutter pub get to include the package
  3. Add import 'package:import 'package:top_alert_notification/top_alert_notification.dart';
  4. Create new object with the BuildContext and child widgets to show. Then call .showTopAlert() to show the alert or .dismissTopAlert() to remove the alert

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