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A TheMovieDatabase client library for dart. To know more about TMDB visit offical site

Avaliable Methods

v3( 🎊✨ Completed 🎉🎉)

Supports all the functions of version 3 of tmdb API

  • X Auth
  • X Account
  • X Guest Sessions
  • x Movies
  • x Tv shows
  • x Tv Seasons
  • x Tv Episodes
  • X People
  • X Credits
  • X Certification
  • X Changes
  • X Collections
  • X Find
  • X Genres
  • X Keywords
  • X Companies
  • X Trending
  • X Search
  • X Discover
  • X Networks
  • X Reviews
  • X Versions
  • X Lists

v4(🎊✨ Completed 🎉🎉)

  • X Image URL Constructor
  • X auth
  • X account
  • X lists

Getting started

(updated on v1.2.4)

Step 1: Adding as dependencies

Pub.dev's installation guide

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  tmdb_api: ^1.2.4 //visit tmdb for latest version number

Step 2: Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:tmdb_api/tmdb_api.dart';

Step 3: Create Instance

Now you need to create instance for TMDB and ApiKeys with your api keys.

TMDB tmdbWithCustomLogs = TMDB( //TMDB instance
    ApiKeys('Your API KEY', 'apiReadAccessTokenv4'),//ApiKeys instance with your keys,

Step 4(Optional): Configuring console logs

There are 3 logconfigs presets avaliable.

  • ConfigLogger.showAll(): development use.
  • ConfigLogger.showRecommended(): development use.
  • ConfigLogger.showNone(): production use.

You can add any off this presets to logConfig named parameter of TMDB instance

Custom Logs

TMDB tmdbWithCustomLogs = TMDB(
    ApiKeys('Your API KEY', 'apiReadAccessTokenv4'),
    logConfig: ConfigLogger(
      showLogs: true,//must be true than only all other logs will be shown
      showErrorLogs: true,


For getting Trending movies

Map result = await tmdb.v3.trending.getTrending(mediaType = MediaType.all,timeWindow = TimeWindow.day);

For more API documentation

visit offical API documentation