toIso8601String method

  1. @override
String toIso8601String()

Returns an ISO-8601 full-precision extended format representation.

The format is yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.mmmuuuZ for UTC time, and yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.mmmuuu±hhmm for local/non-UTC time, where:

  • yyyy is a, possibly negative, four digit representation of the year, if the year is in the range -9999 to 9999, otherwise it is a signed six digit representation of the year.
  • MM is the month in the range 01 to 12,
  • dd is the day of the month in the range 01 to 31,
  • HH are hours in the range 00 to 23,
  • mm are minutes in the range 00 to 59,
  • ss are seconds in the range 00 to 59 (no leap seconds),
  • mmm are milliseconds in the range 000 to 999, and
  • uuu are microseconds in the range 001 to 999. If microsecond equals 0, then this part is omitted.

The resulting string can be parsed back using parse.


String toIso8601String() => _toString(iso8601: true);