This package implements the Timecode SMPTE spec.


A Timecode object has a framerate and a number of frames. Various mathematical operations can be done on the object, and it will be able to understand how to convert its frame number to a human readable SMPTE string like 01:23:45:01 where the form is HH:MM:SS:FF (hours, minutes, seconds, frames).

Timecode objects can also be configured to use milliseconds instead of frames or to output SMPTE code with fractional seconds instead of frame numbers. In either case, the output will look like this 01:23:45.123 where the last three digits are milliseconds.


Add to your pubspec.yaml.

$ dart pub add timecode

Import in your file and create a Timecode object.

import 'package:timecode/timecode.dart';

var timecode = Timecode(framerate: TimecodeFramerate(24));
for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) {;

Additional information

The class is well-documented, so you should be able to understand it easily by looking at the API documentation or by reading the source code directly.

Reference material

This work is based on the work of the following:


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