TimeElapsed pub package

This package provides a way to facility how you getting elapsed time from a DateTime data. More applied to check how long from now an event happened.


It return elapsed time by Weeks, Days, Hours and Minutes

How to use:

The package has a two method to get date time elapsed: fromDateStr() and fromDateTime() You can also use a dynamic parsin method: elapsedTimeDynamic()

You can pass it as String or DateTime type:

  String timeString = "2020-04-19 03:48:57.063773"; // set a String type var with Date sample
  DateTime timeDate = DateTime.parse("2020-04-19 03:48:57.063773"); // set a DateTime var sample

  // to calculate from String
  String timeStamp = TimeElapsed.fromDateStr(timeString); // returns 8w (cos now days:2020-06-19)

  // to calculate from DateTime
  String timeStamp = TimeElapsed.fromDateTime(timeDate); // returns 8w (cos now days: 2020-06-19)

If you do not know what type data is, (String or DateTime):

  // to calculate from both, DateTime or String
  String timeStamp = TimeElapsed.elapsedTimeDynamic(timeDate); // returns 8w (cos now days: 2020-06-19)

both methods will return the time elapsed as String

Using Custom Markers for Time (Days, weeks, hours etc...)

To adds a custom texts or change the text near to period elapsed you can use .toCustomTimeElapsed() method. This method receives an object from CustomTimeElapsed class which contains all period we use.

// custom Time String marker
   final customDate = CustomTimeElapsed(
      minutes: 'minutos',
      hours: 'horas',
      days: 'dias',
      now: 'agora',
      seconds: 'segundos',
      weeks: 'semanas',

// Widget that output "76 semanas" instead of "76w"


In another hand, if you prefer, you can pass as params too using .toCustomWDHMS().

      minutes: 'minutos',
      hours: 'horas',
      days: 'dias',
      now: 'agora',
      seconds: 'segundos',
      weeks: 'semanas',


This example app shows all implementations

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