Tiled Dart

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A Dart Tiled library.

Install from Dart Pub Repository

To include the package as a depencency in your pubspec.yaml, run the following (or add it manually):

dart pub add tiled


Import the package like this:

    import 'package:tiled/tiled.dart';

Load Tmx Files

Load a TMX file into a string by any means, and then pass the string to TileMapParser.parseXml():

    final String tmxBody = /* ... */;
    final TiledMap mapTmx = TileMapParser.parseTmx(tmxBody);

If your tmx file includes a external tsx reference, you have to add a CustomParser

class CustomTsxProvider extends TsxProvider {
  Parser getSource(String fileName) {
    final xml = File(fileName).readAsStringSync();
    final node = XmlDocument.parse(xml).rootElement;
    return XmlParser(node);

And use it in the parseTmx method

    final String tmxBody = /* ... */;
    final TiledMap mapTmx = TileMapParser.parseTmx(tmxBody, tsx: CustomTsxProvider());

Load Json Files

Alternatively load a json file.

    final String jsonBody = /* ... */;
    final TiledMap mapTmx = TileMapParser.parseJson(jsonBody);


For further information and more usage examples, please take a look at the examples in flame_tiled.