This is a Flutter package that creates a widget with thumbnails that contain images and a big display for the selected image. The thumbnails' appearance is fully customizable, as is their position, which may be the top, bottom, left or right.


Try it out at this dart pad!

Additional Info

The thumbnails' layout depends on the direction that they were given inside the widget:

  • up and down indicate that the thumbnails are above or below the main display, respectively. Therefore, they are in a row.
  • left and right on the other hand, mean that a column will be used.

When a thumbnail is tapped, its image gets loaded into a large display for users to observe. This way users can view any image they choose and switch the current one for another.


We were inspired to create and configure this widget (ThumbnailsView) by an Amazon website (like this one) that has a product images viewer similar to the one this package provides.