Thenafter - Dart

The dart implementation of thenafter, a library that parses the BNF .grm file and produces the first and follow sets. This implementation also generates syntactic functions from the grammar.

Getting Started

Import this library in your project, load file contents as you wish, then send a Iterable

Future plans

As this lib was built in dart, and does not use any additional dependencies, in the future it is planned to publish this lib in JS compiled from dart code.

dartdevc -o test.js lib/thenafter_dart.dart

Or create a main containing desired API and compile it using dart2js

How to contribute

  • Currently we support a few languages that can be generated, so you can add or update any generator you want.
  • Also, test our library never is enough, so you can add more tests to ensure the library is consistent and hard to break.
  • Update the library documentation, making it more understandable