A theme manager for light, dark, and system themes.

A theme manager that supports light, dark, and system default themes. State is retained and applied upon application start. Heavily inspired by dynamic_theme by Norbert Kozsir.

Getting Started

Add theme_manager to your project.

    theme_manager: ^1.1.1

run flutter packages get and import theme_manager

import 'package:theme_manager/theme_manager.dart';

A dialog is provided that can switch between themes.

import 'package:theme_manager/change_theme_widget.dart';

How to use

Make sure WidgetsFlutterBinding are initialized. This is required.

void main() {
  WidgetsFlutterBinding.ensureInitialized(); // Required

Wrap your MaterialApp with ThemeManager:

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return ThemeManager(
      defaultBrightnessPreference: BrightnessPreference.system,
      data: (Brightness brightness) => ThemeData(
        accentColor: Colors.lightBlue,
        brightness: brightness,
      loadBrightnessOnStart: true,
      themedWidgetBuilder: (BuildContext context, ThemeData theme) {
        return MaterialApp(
          title: 'Theme Manager Demo',
          theme: theme,
          home: MyHomePage(),

When you want to change your theme:

void setAsSystemDefault() => 
void setAsLight() => 
void setAsDark() => 

The system default will load either light or dark based on the device preferences. If your device changes themes at sunset or sunrise then light/dark mode will apply automatically.

The BrightnessPreference is saved in SharedPreferences automatically. There is also a clear function to remove the preferences.

void clear() => ThemeManager.of(context).clearBrightnessPreference();

A dialog widget to change the brightness!

Getting Started

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