The Validator

A simple & lightweight form and data validation package for flutter

How to use

The Validator can be used directly on a TextFormField validator parameter TextFormField(validator:

The Validator can also be used as a stand alone validator Validatror.isPassword('SecretPass', shouldContainCapitalLetter: true)

Sample Usage (FieldValidator)

    controller: _emailController,
    decoration: InputDecoration(labelText: "Email"),
    controller: _passwordController,
        validator: FieldValidator.password(
        minLength: 8,
        shouldContainNumber: true,
        shouldContainCapitalLetter: true,
        shouldContainSmallLetter: true,
        shouldContainSpecialChars: true,
        errorMessage: "Password must match the required format",
        isNumberNotPresent: () { return "Password must contain number"; },
        isSpecialCharsNotPresent: () { return "Password must contain special characters"; },
        isCapitalLetterNotPresent: () { return "Password must contain capital letters"; }
        decoration: InputDecoration(labelText: "Email"),

To validate confirm password field

  // To validate confirm password field
      controller: _confirmPasswordController,
      obscureText: true,
      validator: FieldValidator.equalTo(_passwordController, message: "Password Mismatch"),
      decoration: InputDecoration(labelText: "Confirm Password"),

Then make a call to formState .validate() to perform the validations on the textfields

  onPressed: () {
    // validate() inputed data
    if (_formKey.currentState.validate()) {

          .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text("Yay! we got it right!")));
  child: Text("Submit"),                  

Sample Usage 2 (Validator)

var password = 'Secret'
var confirmPassword = 'secret'
if (Validator.isPassword(password, shouldContainCapitalLetter: true)) {
  if (Validator.isEqualTo(password, confirmPassword)) {
    print("Go ahead & grant access")
  } else {
    print("Password mis match")

Error messages

By default The Validator will give you a nice default error based on the the type of validation you specify for field or an input. But you can also override the default message

Default Error Messages

FieldValidator.alphaNumeric() will output Field must contain both alphabets and numbers

User Defined Error Message

FieldValidator.alphaNumeric(message: 'Your username must contain both numbers & alphabets')