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A single-cache FlutterEngine solution for the Add-to-app scenario.

If you have experience with Add-to-app scenario, you may know that attaching a single-cache FlutterEngine to multiple FlutterActivity/FlutterFragment will cause the UI to freeze, which is described in this issue and the problem also appears in iOS. thaw was created to solve this problem.

Based on thaw, you can implement your own hybrid navigation framework more easily.


thaw provides ThawFlutterActivity/ThawFlutterFragmentActivity/ThawFlutterFragment/ThawFlutterViewController, which usage is the same as FlutterActivity/FlutterFragmentActivity/FlutterFragment/FlutterViewController, e.g.,

create a ThawFlutterActivity/ThawFlutterFragment in Android



create a ThawFlutterViewController in iOS

let flutterEngine = FlutterEngine(name: "cache_engine")
let viewController = ThawFlutterViewController(engine: flutterEngine, nibName: nil, bundle: nil)


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