Test Report


This library can be used to process the results of dart tests.

The goal of this library is to process the data from the json output emitted by the dart test runner and provide an API to the interpreted test results.


By running

pub run test simple_test.dart --reporter json

and the contents of simple_test.dart is

import 'package:test/test.dart';

main() {
  test('simple', () {
    expect(true, true);

the dart test runner will output the results of the test in json format as a stream of events:

{"test":{"id":1,"name":"loading simple_test.dart","suiteID":0,"groupIDs":[],"metadata":{"skip":false,"skipReason":null}},"type":"testStart","time":0}

From this json output, it is not easy to see how many tests were executed, how many failed and how much time was spent in each test.

The Processor in this project takes the json events, and turns them into a Report, that is suitable for further processing.

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