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A simple command-line tool to collect test coverage information from Dart VM tests. It is useful if you need to generate coverage reports locally during development.


Add dev dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  test_cov: ^0.2.1

Run pub get to install. Then, in the root of your project run:

pub run test_cov

Result is saved in coverage/lcov.info. If you have lcov tool installed on your system (for Mac it's brew install lcov) you can generate coverage reports using genhtml command:

genhtml -o coverage coverage/lcov.info
# Open in the default browser (mac):
open coverage/index.html


Resulting coverage/lcov.info file is ready to be consumed by Codecov command-line tool, so no extra step is needed.

This library was not tested with coveralls yet.

Known limitations

  • This library was created to run Dart VM tests. It has not been tested and likely won't work for Dart code targeting web platform (compiled to JavaScript). There is no need to use this tool for Flutter as it allows collecting coverage information with flutter test --coverage.

How it works

The tool performs following steps:

1. Generates test/.test_cov.dart file which is essentially a "test all" script.

It is recommended to add this file to your .gitignore.

Below is an example of test/.test_cov.dart:

// Auto-generated by test_cov. Do not edit by hand.
// Consider adding this file to your .gitignore.

import 'some_test.dart' as some_test;
import 'nested/other_test.dart' as other_test;
import 'some_other_test.dart' as some_other_test;
void main() {

2. Runs the tests

Following command is used to run the tests:

dart --pause-isolates-on-exit --enable-vm-service test/.test_cov.dart

3. Collects and formats coverage information

When test execution is completed the tool uses functionality of the coverage package to collect and format coverage report.

Feel free to file feature requests and bug reports at the issue tracker.