A simple package which shows a toast on the screen. By default bottomCenter, but using Alignment you can place it anywhere. I've created this package because I was looking for something similar, but didn't like how other packages handled my (simple) usecase.

You can easily customize the toast by providing a TextStyle for the text or BoxDecoration for the background.

! You will need a context.

(The toasts will be visible after switching screens as well.)

Getting Started

Import tasty toast:

import 'package:tasty_toast/tasty_toast.dart';

Call showToast with the context variable:

  "Some message!",

This will use the defaults, which is a dark toast, white letters and shows at the bottomCenter.

Optionally customize the toast:

  "Fully customized",

  // Optional parameters:
  alignment: Alignment.centerLeft,
  textStyle: customTextStyle,
  background: customBoxDecoration,
  duration: Duration(seconds: 5),
  padding: EdgeInsets.all(25.0),
  offsetAnimationStart: Offset(-0.1, -0.1),  // Defines the starting position of the fly-in animation

See in action

Android screen recording with a default and custom toast

Clicking like a mad man to show the behaviour when multiple toasts following up each other.

iOS default