Tapsell plus

Tapsell Plus is a mediating advertising SDK.
With Tapsell plus, you can get grow your advertising income with the favor of using multiple AdNetworks that is best for user at the moment.


Stable release

Stable releases (and pre-release) versions are published in pub and accessible directly

  tapsell_plus: <version>

Stable: latest
Latest (Including pre-release): hottest

Latest changes

If you want to access the newest features (not necessarily stable nor released in pub), you need to fetch the package from github:

    url: https://github.com/tapsellorg/TapsellPlusSDK-FlutterPlugin.git


Use TapsellPlus.instance. to access functionalities and methods


void main() {

  final appId = "TAPSELL_KEY"; // Get the key from tapsell-dashboard

Inserting initialize in the main() is optional, but recommended

NOTE: Use TapsellPlus.instance.setDebugMode(LogLevel.Debug) to enable debug mode and get verbose error messages.

Request an Ad

Note: The process of showing and ad is:

  • Request an Ad using the zoneId and get a responseId
  • Use the responseId to show the ad
final zoneId = "a_zoneId_for_this_type_of_ad";

// Callback way
TapsellPlus.instance.requestInterstitialAd(zoneId).then((responseId) {
  // Save the responseId -- You need it for showing the ad
}).catchError((error) {
  // Error occurred

// async-await way - Remember to catch possible errors

final responseId = await TapsellPlus.instance.requestInsterstitialAd(zoneId);

Show the Ad

Have the saved responseId of the request you just called

   onOpened: (map) {
     // Ad opened - Map contains zone_id and response_id
   onError: (map) {
     // Ad failed to show - Map contains error_message, zone_id and response_id

Showing an Ad might contain one or more of onOpened, onClosed, onRewarded and onError callbacks.


Refer to tapsell plus documentation for details and more information.

Issues and question

Got any issues, bugs or have any questions? Checkout the Github issues or even create one if not asked before.