Tap Reaction

A flutter plugin made to simplify adding visual feedback when a button is pressed.

There are currently two types of animations availible, TapReaction.scale() and TapReaction.fade():

Two buttons showing a preview of the animations


To add visual feedback to any widget, simply wrap it in the TapReaction.scale() or TapReaction.fade() widget. This widget is fully transparant and won't affect any other widgets that need to recieve the tap (or another gesture).


    endScale: 0.5,
    child: ElevatedButton(
        onPressed: () {
            print('Animating button scale');
        child: Text(
            style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.headline2,

For a full example see the example tab or the GitHub repository.

Known issues

  • The original material design ripple effect is visible even if you use this plugin to get another effect. I have not found a way to disable this for all possible child widgets, and have therefore left that to the user of this plugin. Pull requests are welcome if anyone has a solution.