Tabbed inferface with support for nested and resizeable panels.

Video demo:

Note: Requires Flutter's master channel for the time being


void main() async {
  final tabPanel = TabPanel(defaultPage: YourDefaultPage());

      home: TabPanelWidget(tabPanel),

See the example folder for details.

Planned features and known issues

  • Extend the Tab API to better control its navigation stack. Most things the built-in Navigator class has, and a few more.
  • Integrate the Router class or write a custom implementation, for how to specify pages to be pushed.
  • More customization options for panels and the tab bar and ability to set different themes for panels.
  • Cupertino and Material versions.
  • Adding an option to limit the level of nesting. Currently is unlimited.
  • Clone tab
  • Adding a new tabs does not scroll the tab bar to bring it into view. To be fixed soon.