This package for Flutter allows you to display two-dimension table with both sticky headers.

Key of this package is sticky headers. You can scroll table any direction and headers (top and left) will always stay. Cells themselves are fully customizable as you can fill them with Widgets.

To work with table you need to fill it with data. It has three builders for generating title column (List), title row (List) and content itself (List.

Simplest UseCase. You have two-dimensional array of Strings. Builder takes value from array and generates Text widget:

contentCellBuilder: (i, j) => Text(data[i][j]),

For more advanced usage - decorate Text with other widgets like borders, cell colors, etc. Check decorated_example.dart to see it in action. You can also wrap cell with tap listeners and add custom behavior on tap. Check tap_handler_example.dart.

Feature requests and PRs are welcome.

Пример работы

Widget usage example:

// titleColumn - List<String> (title column)
// titleColumn - List<String> (title row)
// titleColumn - List<List<String>> (data)

          columnsLength: titleColumn.length,
          rowsLength: titleRow.length,
          columnsTitleBuilder: (i) => Text(titleColumn[i]),
          rowsTitleBuilder: (i) => Text(titleRow[i]),
          contentCellBuilder: (i, j) => Text(data[i][j]),
          legendCell: Text('Sticky Legend'),

Visit examples to see it in details


Please file issues and feature requests.

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