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This package provides a single class which computes things like standard deviation and margin of error. It should be useful whenever you have a list of numerical values and you want to:

  • show simple stats like mean, min and max, or
  • find out the confidence interval (at the standard 95% confidence level), or
  • confirm relationship to other measurements.

Library usage

A simple usage example:

var myStat = Statistic.from(myMeasurements, name: "My scores");
// Prints the most basic stats.

var otherStat = Statistic.from(otherMeasurements);
// Prints true only if stats are different with statistical significance.

Executable usage

You can install the simple binary by running the following in the command line:

pub global activate t_stats

Now you can use t_stats as a command line tool. Assuming there's a numbers.txt file that contains a line-delimited list of numbers, you can run:

$ t_stats --pretty < numbers.txt
    2.11  ±   2.48 MoE /   3.22 SD

This takes full advantage of POSIX pipes, so you can have things like:

$ <some_complicated_unix_command> | t_stats --pretty
    9.88  ±  12.21 MoE /  23.75 SD

If you don't provide the --pretty argument, the tool will print out the output of Statistic.toTSV() (less human-readable, but much more useful for comparing multiple sets of measurements).

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Support for simple t-statistics on lists of numbers.