initialValues property

SfRangeValues? initialValues

The values that initially selected in the range selector.

The range selector's start and end thumbs are drawn corresponding to these values.

For date values, the range selector doesn’t have auto interval support. So, you may need to set interval, dateIntervalType, and dateFormat for date values, if the labels, ticks, and dividers are needed.

The range selector widget maintains state internally. So, the widget calls the onChanged callback with the new values when the state of range selector changes.

This snippet shows how to create a numeric SfRangeSelector.

SfRangeValues _initialValues = SfRangeValues(4.0, 8.0);

    min: 0.0,
    max: 10.0,
    initialValues: _initialValues,
    interval: 1,
    showTicks: true,
    showLabels: true,
    child: Container(
        height: 200,

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final SfRangeValues? initialValues;