endThumbIcon property

Widget? endThumbIcon

Sets the widget inside the right thumb.

Defaults to null.

It is possible to set any widget inside the right thumb. If the widget exceeds the size of the thumb, increase the SfSliderThemeData.thumbRadius based on it.

This snippet shows how to show end thumb icon in SfRangeSelector.

SfRangeValues _initialValues = SfRangeValues(4.0, 8.0);

  min: 0.0,
  max: 10.0,
  initialValues: _initialValues,
  interval: 1,
  showTicks: true,
  showLabels: true,
  enableTooltip: true,
  child: Container(
      height: 200,
      color: Colors.green[100],
  endThumbIcon:  Icon(
      color: Colors.green,
      size: 20.0,

See also:


final Widget? endThumbIcon;