getClientSize method

Size getClientSize()

Get the PDF page size reduced by page margins and page template dimensions.

//Create a new PDF documentation
PdfDocument document = PdfDocument();
//Create a new PDF page
PdfPage page = document.pages.add();
//Gets the page client size
Size clientSize = page.getClientSize();
//Draw the text to the page
    'Hello World!!!', PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.helvetica, 27),
    brush: PdfBrushes.darkBlue,
    bounds: Rect.fromLTWH(400, 600, clientSize.width, clientSize.height));
//Save the document.
List<int> bytes = await;
//Dispose the document.


Size getClientSize() {
  return _helper.isLoadedPage
      ? size
      : PdfSectionHelper.getHelper(_helper.section!)
          .getActualBounds(this, true)