pen property Null safety

PdfPen? pen
read / write

The pen for the list.

//Create a new PDF document.
PdfDocument document = PdfDocument();
//Create a new ordered list.
    text: 'PDF\nXlsIO\nDocIO\nPPT',
    font: PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.helvetica, 16,
        style: PdfFontStyle.italic),
    format: PdfStringFormat(lineSpacing: 20),
    marker: PdfOrderedMarker(style: PdfNumberStyle.numeric),
    style: PdfNumberStyle.numeric,
    indent: 15,
    textIndent: 10)
  ..pen =
      page: document.pages.add(), bounds: const Rect.fromLTWH(20, 20, 0, 0));
//Save the document.
List<int> bytes =;
//Dispose the document.


PdfPen? pen;