onViewChanged property Null safety

HijriDatePickerViewChangedCallback? onViewChanged

Called when the current visible view or visible date range changes.

The visible date range and the visible view which visible on view when the view changes available in the HijriDatePickerViewChangedArgs.

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Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return MaterialApp(
     home: Scaffold(
       body: SfHijriDateRangePicker(
         view: HijriDatePickerView.month,
         selectionMode: DateRangePickerSelectionMode.multiple,
         showNavigationArrow: true,
         onViewChanged: (HijriDatePickerViewChangedArgs args) {
          final HijriDateRange _visibleDateRange =
          final HijriDatePickerView _visibleView = args.view;


final HijriDatePickerViewChangedCallback? onViewChanged;