backgroundColor property

Color? backgroundColor

The color which fills the background of SfDateRangePicker view header in month view.

Defaults to null.

Using a SfDateRangePickerTheme gives more fine-grained control over the appearance of various components of the date range picker.

See also:

  • textStyle, which used to customize the style for the text in the week number view of month view in date range picker.
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Scaffold(
  body: SfDateRangePicker(
    view: DateRangePickerView.month,
    monthViewSettings: const DateRangePickerMonthViewSettings(
    showWeekNumber: true,
    weekNumberStyle: const DateRangePickerWeekNumberStyle(
        textStyle: TextStyle(fontStyle: FontStyle.italic),
        backgroundColor: Colors.purple),


final Color? backgroundColor;