buildTableSummaryCellWidget method

Widget? buildTableSummaryCellWidget(
  1. GridTableSummaryRow summaryRow,
  2. GridSummaryColumn? summaryColumn,
  3. RowColumnIndex rowColumnIndex,
  4. String summaryValue,

Called to obtain the widget for each cell of the table summary row.

Typically, a Text widget. summaryValue argument holds the calculated summary value based on GridSummaryColumn.summaryType. Use this summaryValue argument and display in your required widget.

This method will be called for visible cells in table summary rows.

The summaryColumn will be null for the spanned table summary columns.


Widget? buildTableSummaryCellWidget(
    GridTableSummaryRow summaryRow,
    GridSummaryColumn? summaryColumn,
    RowColumnIndex rowColumnIndex,
    String summaryValue) {
  return null;