refreshRow method

void refreshRow(
  1. int rowIndex, {
  2. bool recalculateRowHeight = false,

If the rowIndex alone is given, the entire row will be set as dirty. So, data which is displayed in a row will be refreshed. You can call this method when the data is updated in row in underlying datasource.

If the recalculateRowHeight is set as true along with the rowIndex, SfDataGrid.onQueryRowHeight callback will be called for that row. So, the row height can be reset based on the modified data. This is useful when setting auto row height using SfDataGrid.onQueryRowHeight callback.


void refreshRow(int rowIndex, {bool recalculateRowHeight = false}) {
      rowColumnIndex: RowColumnIndex(rowIndex, -1),
      propertyName: 'refreshRow',
      recalculateRowHeight: recalculateRowHeight);