overlayRadius property

double overlayRadius

Specifies the radius for the overlay in the SfSlider, SfRangeSlider, and SfRangeSelector.

Overlay appears while interacting with thumbs.

This snippet shows how to set overlay radius in SfRangeSliderThemeData.

SfRangeValues _values = SfRangeValues(4.0, 8.0);

    body: Center(
        child: SfRangeSliderTheme(
            data: SfRangeSliderThemeData(
                overlayRadius: 22,
            child:  SfRangeSlider(
                min: 2.0,
                max: 10.0,
                values: _values,
                onChanged: (SfRangeValues newValues){
                    setState(() {
                        _values = newValues;


final double overlayRadius;