canShowMarker property

bool canShowMarker

Toggles the visibility of the marker in the trackball tooltip.

Markers are rendered with the series color and placed near the value in trackball tooltip to convey which value belongs to which series.

Trackball tooltip marker uses the same shape specified for the series marker. But trackball tooltip marker will render based on the value specified to this property irrespective of considering the series marker's visibility.

Defaults to true.

late ZoomPanBehavior zoomPanBehavior;

void initState() {
  zoomPanBehavior: ZoomPanBehavior(
    enableSelectionZooming: true,

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return SfCartesianChart(
    zoomPanBehavior: zoomPanBehavior,
    primaryXAxis: NumericAxis(
      interactiveTooltip: InteractiveTooltip(
        canShowMarker: false


final bool canShowMarker;