showAgenda property

bool showAgenda

Makes SfCalendar agenda view visible on month view.

The month view of SfCalendar will render agenda view along with month, to display the selected date's appointments.

The agendaHeight property used to customize the height of the agenda view in month view.

The agendaItemHeight property used to customize the height for each item in agenda view.

Defaults to false.

calendar month view with agenda

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Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return Container(
     child: SfCalendar(
       view: CalendarView.month,
       monthViewSettings: MonthViewSettings(
          dayFormat: 'EEE',
          numberOfWeeksInView: 4,
          appointmentDisplayCount: 2,
          appointmentDisplayMode: MonthAppointmentDisplayMode.appointment,
          showAgenda: true,
          navigationDirection: MonthNavigationDirection.horizontal),


final bool showAgenda;