QuickReply, Text, ImageHtmlCarouselCustom


  • x iOS, macOS
  • x Android
  • x Web


Supported Message types;

  • Text
  • Image
    • ImageProver is required, so you can use network or assets to load images.
  • Html
    • flutter_html package is used for displaying HTMLs, so we have support what package supports.
  • QuickReply
  • Carousel
  • Custom


  • Scroll to bottom
    • use scrollToBottom method on Chat


See the example app in the example folder. It contains BasicChat & AdvancedChat pages.

  • BasicChat contains only text messages, it's good to see minimum requirements to have package up & running.
  • AdvancedChat sample contains all the supported message kinds and related action events like quick reply button tap event, also scrolling to bottom is activated.

This lib requires some abstract classes to be implemented to get started.

  • Message
  • ChatUser
  • QuickReplyItem (if MessageKind.quickReply is going to be used)
  • CarouselItem (if MessageKind.carousel is going to be used)

Note that packages/swifty_chat_mocked_data/lib/src/mock/models folder contains Mock... prefixed classes are the concrete implementation of the related abstract classes.

For a chat app, you need messages right, so here what you need to have a message;

abstract class Message {
  final ChatUser user;
  final String id;
  final bool isMe;
  final MessageKind messageKind;

  user: MockChatUser(userName: "Enes"),
  id: DateTime.now().toString(),
  isMe: true,
  messageKind: MessageKind.text("My First Message"),

As you see above;

  • You need a ChatUser which means you need to have a class that extends from ChatUser, in our case its MockChatUser.
  • id to have unique messages.
  • isMe is to differentiate UI.
  • MessageKind is to determine how the message UI is going to look like.

What kind of message kind exists?


class MessageKind {
  MessageKind.text(String text);
  MessageKind.imageProvider(ImageProvider imageProvider);
  MessageKind.quickReply(List<QuickReplyItem> quickReplies);
  MessageKind.carousel(List<CarouselItem> carousel);
  MessageKind.html(String html);
  MessageKind.custom(dynamic? custom);

For more, visit BasicChat & AdvancedChat

Message widget tap actions

You can be notified about message widget press actions

  • QuickReply
.setOnQuickReplyItemPressed((QuickReply item) {});
  • Carousel
.setOnCarouselItemButtonPressed((CarouselButtonItem item) {});
  • Html
  () => {
  "onLinkTap": (url, _, __, ___) =>
    debugPrint("onLinkTapped: $url"),
  "onImageTap": (src, _, __, ___) =>
    debugPrint("onImageTapped: $src")
  • For rest (Image, Text)
.setOnMessagePressed((Message message) {});


To set avatar for a ChatUser, simply pass avatar parameter of the related user.

    required this.imageProvider, // ImageProvider
    this.size = 40,
    this.position = AvatarPosition.center, // top, center, bottom


Visit Theming.md for details.

Custom Message

Visit CustomMessage.md for details.

Message Cell Size Configuration

Visit MessageCellSizeConfiguration.md for details.