Super String

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Some of the most common and useful string methods, Inspired by various other programming languages.


import 'package:super_string/super_string.dart';

void main() {
  print('THIS'.isUpperCase); // => true
  print('this'.isLowerCase); // => true
  print('This123'.isAlNum); // => true
  print('This'.isAlpha); // => true
  print('123'.isInteger); // => true
  print('This_123'.isIdentifier); // => true
  print('Hello'.iterable); // => ['H','e','l','l','o']
  print('Hello'.first); // => 'H'
  print('Hello'.last); // => 'o'
  print('tHiS iS tiTle'.title()); // => 'This Is Title'
  print('tHiS'.swapcase()); // => 'ThIs'
  print('This'.charAt(0)); // => 'T'
  print('this'.similarity('THis')); // => 2
  print('this'.capitalize()); // => 'This'
  print('this'.center(7,'0')); // => '00this0'
  print('this'.count('t')); // => 1
  print('a\ta'.expandTabs(2)); // => 'a a'
  print('hello world'.toCamelCase()); // => 'HelloWorld'
  print('This is my code'.containsAll(['This','code'])); // => true
  print('This is my code'.containsAny(['code','hello'])); // => true
  print('Hello World'.wordWrap(width: 5)); // => 'Hello\nWorld'


isUpperCaseCheck if the characters are in UpperCase
isLowerCaseCheck if the characters are in LowerCase
isAlNumCheck if the characters contains only Alphabets and Numbers
isAlphaCheck if the characters contains only Alphabets
isIntegerCheck if the characters contains only Numbers
isIdentifierCheck if the characters contains only Alphabets,Numbers and underscore( _ )
iterableIterated all the character in a String
firstReturn the first character in a String
lastReturn the last character in a String
title()Convert only the first character of every words into UpperCase
swapcase()Convert UpperCase into LowerCase and vice versa
charAt()Return a character of a specified index
similarity()Count the number of common letter in both String
capitalize()Convert the first character of String into UpperCase
center()Return a centered string
count()Count the number of times a specified value occurs in a string
expandTabs()Sets the tab size of the string
toCamelCase()Convert the given string to camelCase
containsAll()Check if all the values in list are in String
containsAny()Check if any one of the values in list are in String
wordWrap()Return a String wrapped at the specified length

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