Clipboard access for Flutter


  • Comprehensive clipboard functionality for Flutter.
  • Supports macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Web.
  • Platform agnostic code for reading and writing common clipboard formats.
  • Support for custom data formats.
  • Multiple representations for clipboard items.
  • Providing clipboard data on demand.

Getting started

super_clipboard uses Rust internally to implement low-level platform specific functionality.

If you don't have Rust installed, the plugin will automatically download precompiled binaries for target platform.

If you want to have the Rust code compiled from source instead, you can install Rust through rustup. The presence of rustup will be detected during build automatically.

For macOS or Linux, execute the following command in Terminal.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

For Windows, you can use the Rust Installer.

In case you have Rust already installed, make sure to update it to latest version:

rustup update

That is it. The build integration will automatically install required Rust targets and other dependencies (NDK). This also means that first build might take a little bit longer.

Android support

NDK is required to use super_clipboard. If not present it will be automatically installed during the first build. The NDK is a large download (~1GB) so it might take a while to install.

The NDK version used is specified in android/app/build.gradle of your Flutter project.

android {
    // by default the project uses NDK version from flutter plugin.
    ndkVersion flutter.ndkVersion

If you have older Flutter android project, you will need to specify a reasonably recent minimal SDK version in android/app/build.gradle:

android {
    defaultConfig {
        minSdkVersion 23

To be able to write images and other custom data to Android clipboard you need to declare a content provider in AndroidManifest.xml:

            android:grantUriPermissions="true" >

Be sure to replace <your-package-name> in the snippet with your actual package name.


Reading from clipboard

    import 'package:super_clipboard/super_clipboard.dart';

    // ...

    final clipboard = SystemClipboard.instance;
    if (clipboard == null) {
        return; // Clipboard API is not supported on this platform.
    final reader = await;

    if (reader.canProvide(Formats.htmlText)) {
        final html = await reader.readValue(Formats.htmlText);
        // .. do something with the HTML text

    if (reader.canProvide(Formats.plainText)) {
        final text = await reader.readValue(Formats.plainText);
        // Do something with the plain text

    /// Binary formats need to be read as streams
    if (reader.canProvide(Formats.png)) {
        reader.getFile(Formats.png, (file) {
            // Do something with the PNG image
            final stream = file.getStream();


For more formats supported out of box look at the Formats class.

Note that on Windows clipboard images are usually stored in DIB or DIBv5 format, while on macOS TIFF is commonly used. super_clipboard will transparently expose these images as PNG.

You can query whether the PNG image in clipboard has been synthesized through reader.isSynthesized(Formats.png).

Writing to clipboard

    import 'package:super_clipboard/super_clipboard.dart';

    // ...

    final clipboard = SystemClipboard.instance;
    if (clipboard == null) {
        return; // Clipboard API is not supported on this platform.
    final item = DataWriterItem();
    item.add(Formats.htmlText('<b>HTML text</b>'));
    item.add(Formats.plainText('plain text'));
    await clipboard.write([item]);

You can also provide representations on demand:

    final item = DataWriterItem();
    item.add(Formats.htmlText.lazy(() => '<b>HTML text</b>'));
    item.add(Formats.plainText.lazy(() => 'plain text'));
    item.add(Formats.png.lazy(() => imageData));
    await clipboard.write([item]);

If you do this make sure that the callback can provide requested data without any unnecessary delay. On some platforms main thread may be blocked while the data is being requested. This functionality is meant for providing alternative representations on demand. Do not start downloading a file from lazy callback or any other action that is not guaranteed to complete in short time. For copying or dragging files that are not readily available use DataWriterItem.addVirtualFile instead.

On some platform the data may be requested eagerly when writing to clipboard. In this case the callback will be called immediately.

When writing images preferred format is PNG. Most platforms can handle PNG images in clipboard natively. On Windows PNGs are on-demand converted to DIB and DIBv5 formats, which is what native applications expect.

While the Clipboard API supports writing multiple items, not all platforms support that fully. On Windows clipboard items past the first one only support Formats.fileUri type (so it is possible to store multiple file URIs in clipboard) and on Linux only supported formats for additional items are Formats.uri and Formats.fileUri.

Accessing clipboard on web

Web browsers impose some restrictions when reading from clipboard. If value in clipboard has been copied from another application, user needs to confirm clipboard access (usually in form of popover). Asynchronous clipboard API is unavailable by default on Firefox.

To get around this limitation, super_clipboard provides a way to listen to a browser clipboard event, which is triggered when user presses the appropriate keyboard shortcut in browser window (or selects the option from menu).

The clipboard reader provided through the paste event can access clipboard data without restriction on all browsers (including Firefox) and can also read content of local files copied to clipboard.

The copy and cut event handlers are the only way to write to clipboard on Firefox. However these have the limitation of only being able to write textual data to clipboard and do not support providing data asynchronously. So when SystemClipboard.instance is non null on web, it is recommended to use regular clipboard API instead.

   final events = ClipboardEvents.instance;
   if (events == null) {
     // Clipboard events are only supported on web.

   events.registerPasteEventListener((event) async {
      // Requesting the clipboard reader will prevent the default paste action
      // such as inserting the text in editable element.
      final reader = await event.getClipboardReader();
      if (reader.canProvide(Formats.htmlText)) {
        final html = await event.clipboardReader.readValue(Formats.htmlText);
        // .. do something with the HTML text

   events.registerCopyEventListener((event) {
      // Calling the [write] method on event will prevent the default copy action
      // such as copying the selected text to clipboard.
      final item = DataWriterItem();
      item.add(Formats.htmlText('<b>HTML text</b>'));
      item.add(Formats.plainText('plain text'));
      await event.write([item]);

Running the example

Example project is available at super_clipboard/example.

flutter pub global activate melos # if you don't have melos already installed
git clone
cd super_native_extensions
melos bootstrap

After this you can open the folder in VSCode and run the clipboard_example launcher configuration.

TODO(knopp): Add Intellij launcher configuration

Additional information

This plugin is in a very early stages of development and quite experimental.

PRs and bug reports are welcome!