createSignedUrl method

Future<String> createSignedUrl(
  1. String path,
  2. int expiresIn, {
  3. TransformOptions? transform,

Create signed URL to download file without requiring permissions. This URL can be valid for a set number of seconds.

path is the file path to be downloaded, including the current file names. For example: createdSignedUrl('folder/image.png').

expiresIn is the number of seconds until the signed URL expire. For example, 60 for a URL which are valid for one minute.

transform adds image transformations parameters to the generated url.


Future<String> createSignedUrl(
  String path,
  int expiresIn, {
  TransformOptions? transform,
}) async {
  final finalPath = _getFinalPath(path);
  final options = FetchOptions(headers: headers);
  final response = await
      'expiresIn': expiresIn,
      if (transform != null) 'transform': transform.toQueryParams,
    options: options,
  final signedUrlPath = (response as Map<String, dynamic>)['signedURL'];
  final signedUrl = '$url$signedUrlPath';
  return signedUrl;