buildHeader method Null safety

Widget? buildHeader(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. PlatformLayoutInfo layoutInfo

On web, the top header is replaced by a static bar, and the "regular" header is placed down within the card


Widget? buildHeader(
  BuildContext context,
  PlatformLayoutInfo layoutInfo,
) {
  final overrideBg = widget.isWhiteBg ? sunnyColors.white : null;
  return pageTitle == null
      ? null
      : SunnyPageLayout.buildAppBar(
          headerHeight: widget.headerHeight,
          centerTitle: true,
          pageTitle: pageTitle,
          actions: widget.actions,
          leading: widget.leading,
          appBarColor: widget.appBarColor,
          pageBackground: overrideBg,
          onStretch: widget.onStretch,
          expanded: widget.expanded,
          showAppBarDivider: widget.showAppBarDivider,