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A library of platform adaptation scheme based on the ViewPort (vw and vh) and Relative Position.

The package contains two types of adapters. One is a global adapter based on viewport(vw, vh), and the other is a percentage adapter based on relative positioning.

1. The global adapter based on viewport(vw, vh)

1) Initialize the adapter

    /// [Adapter] is the global adapter, for Viewport(vw, vh).
  • Cannot initialize under root widget
  • An application only needs to initialize the global adapter once
  • You can write it in any lifecycle hook, but for desktop application adaptation, it's better to write it in the build method

2) Import the package and write size by vw, vh anywhere

  width: 25.vw,
  height: 75.vh
  • Method 1: 36.vw, 52.0.vw, 100.vh
  • Method 2: Adapter.setVW(25.0), Adapter.setVH(30.0)
  • Method 3: Adapter.vw * 32, Adapter.vh * 75

2. The percentage adapter based on Relative Position.

Method 1: Use the extension syntax of the Dart language

/// Relative to the `percentage` of encapsulated `class widgets`.
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Text('hello', style: TextStyle(fontSize:;

Method 2: Use the method of instantiating the RAdater class

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  var adapter = RAdapter(context);
  return Text('hello', style: TextStyle(fontSize: adapter.setRW(20)));

3. Complete example

Click me to lookup the whole example code