string_to_hex pub package

A powerful conversion of String or/and Hash to HEX. It returns a unique HEX, or a unique int of Color() per provided String/hash. It's provided two methods toHexString and toColor, which return a Hex-String, or integer of Color() respectively.


This package return hex-string or hex-int-color, check bellow:


Return a int of 'bit hex': Its return is proper to use as hex color int in a Color() For example: ... color: Color(StringToHex.toColor('a nice String')) ... then it'll generate and fill a hex-color int in it.

return a hex-color.
i.e: 0xFF353535
or: 8787451701

how to:

you can use as:

  var myNiceColor = StringToHex.toColor('your nice string');
    color: Color(myNiceColor);


color: Color(StringToHex.toColor('your nice string'));


Return a String of 'bit hex': Its return is proper to your custom manipulating (as you lik better 🧑‍💻).

Returns a String HEX with prefix '0xFF'
i.e: '0xFF343434'


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