pub package

A heavily opinionated analysis_options for Dart & Flutter projects with strict - but justified - lint rules. Sometimes being pedantic is not enough.

Why and How

There are plenty of rules that pedantic package doesn't take full advantage of and may be useful for other projects, like teams that have fewer people, or just personal preference of being even more strict than usual with linting rules.

While this is a stricter approach, this obviously is open to any changes, suggestions and discussions - each rule deserves a why, so when the dart/linter comments are not enough or disagreed with, a more specific comment is added above each rule in lib/analysis_options.yaml.

All rules are updated on a regular basis - more specifically when a new relevant release adds and/or removes rules in the dart linter library. These updates are made and documented in lib/all_rules.yaml, just like a clone that we manually diff from the dart linter's repo.


Add this package to your dev_dependencies in your pubspec.yaml:

  strict: ^1.4.0

and the following to your analysis_options.yaml (create one in the root of your project if you don't have it yet):

  include: package:strict/analysis_options.yaml

// dart pub publish