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Stream Disposable

Package to help disposing Streams and Sinks.

Simple Usage

Instantiate a disposable with

 var disposable = StreamDisposable()

Add StreamSubscriptions or Sinks to it by calling add

   var streamToDispose = Stream.fromIterable([1, 2, 3]);

In the Stateful's Widget dispose method or equivalent, we can call

 disposable.dispose(className: this.runtimeType.toString())

To safely dispose every subscription.

Available Methods

  • void add Adds a Sink or a StreamSusbcription to the disposable. Throws an Error if another type of object is added or if the disposable has already been disposed.

  • Future<void> didDispose Future that completes when the StreamDisposable is disposed.

  • bool isDisposed Boolean value to check if the disposable has been disposed.

  • Future<void> dispose Dispose the current Sink and StreamSusbcription that were addded to this instance. Throws an error if a dispose action is in process or if the disposable has been disposed already.