Stream Chat Dart

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stream-chat-dart is the official Dart client for Stream Chat, a service for building chat applications. This library can be used on any Dart project and on both mobile and web apps with Flutter.

You can sign up for a Stream account at

Getting started

Add dependency

 stream_chat: ^0.2.0

You should then run flutter packages get

Example Project

There is a detailed Flutter example project in the example folder. You can directly run and play on it.

Setup API Client

First you need to instantiate a chat client. The Chat client will manage API call, event handling and manage the websocket connection to Stream Chat servers. You should only create the client once and re-use it across your application.

final client = Client("stream-chat-api-key");


By default the Chat Client will write all messages with level Warn or Error to stdout.

Change Logging Level

During development you might want to enable more logging information, you can change the default log level when constructing the client.

final client = Client("stream-chat-api-key", logLevel: Level.INFO);

Custom Logger

You can handle the log messages directly instead of have them written to stdout, this is very convenient if you use an error tracking tool or if you want to centralize your logs into one facility.

myLogHandlerFunction = (LogRecord record) {
  // do something with the record (ie. send it to Sentry or Fabric)

final client = Client("stream-chat-api-key", logHandlerFunction: myLogHandlerFunction);

Offline storage

By default the library saves information about channels and messages in a SQLite DB.

Set the property persistenceEnabled to false if you don't want to use the offline storage.

Flutter Web

Due to Moor web (for offline storage) you need to include the sql.js library:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <script defer src="sql-wasm.js"></script>
    <script defer src="main.dart.js" type="application/javascript"></script>

You can grab the latest version of sql-wasm.js and sql-wasm.wasm here and copy them into your /web folder.


Code conventions

  • Make sure that you run dartfmt before commiting your code
  • Make sure all public methods and functions are well documented

Running tests

  • run flutter test

Releasing a new version

  • update the package version on pubspec.yaml and version.dart

  • add a changelog entry on

  • run flutter pub publish to publish the package

Watch models and generate JSON code

JSON serialization relies on code generation; make sure to keep that running while you make changes to the library

flutter pub run build_runner watch