Storage Space

Get the free, available and total disk space for the device.

The StorageSpace model contains values in bytes and human-readable versions.

The lowOnSpace flag shows when the device is low on space. The threshhold is up to you.


StorageSpace freeSpace = await getStorageSpace(
  lowOnSpaceThreshold: 2 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024, // 2GB
  fractionDigits: 1, // How many digits to use for the human-readable values


The example directory shows how to use StorageSpace package to render a "progress meter" that renders a warning when the device is low on space


This package is a reworking of disk_space and storage_capacity.

The reworking adds null-safety, as well as some convenience features:

  • A single method-call for all properties in a StorageSpace class
  • All values in bytes and human-readable, ie: 12.1 MB, 8 GB, 1.5 TB etc.
  • Usage as a percent
  • A flag to show if the system is low-on-space. The threshold is user-defined

Take a peek at the StorageSpace class in the API reference for more details.