clip method

RenderTextureQuad clip(
  1. Rectangle<num> rectangle

Clips a RenderTextureQuad from this RenderTextureQuad. The offset of the RenderTextureQuad will be adjusted to match the origin of this RenderTextureQuad.

The rectangle is in target coordinates. Those coordinates take the pixelRatio into account. Please read more about HiDpi textures to learn more about this topic.


RenderTextureQuad clip(Rectangle<num> rectangle) {
  final rL = (rectangle.left * pixelRatio).round();
  final rT = ( * pixelRatio).round();
  final rR = (rectangle.right * pixelRatio).round();
  final rB = (rectangle.bottom * pixelRatio).round();
  final ow = this.offsetRectangle.width;
  final oh = this.offsetRectangle.height;
  final sourceRectangle = Rectangle<int>(rL, rT, rR - rL, rB - rT);
  final offsetRectangle = Rectangle<int>(0 - rL, 0 - rT, ow, oh);
  return RenderTextureQuad.slice(this, sourceRectangle, offsetRectangle);